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Consumer Protection Board Discovers Formaldehyde in Eye Lash Adhesive

JULY 13, 2005

The procedure called extending eyelashes? is popular these days among young women. It has been found, however, that the adhesives used to extend eye lashes contain a great amount of formaldehyde, which is harmful to one's health.

The Korea Consumer Protection Board said on July 12 that it examined the amount of toxic substances in 23 kinds of adhesives currently in circulation to extend eye lashes, make double eyelids, and add false eye lashes and found that formaldehyde was contained in all 10 kinds of adhesives used to extend eyelashes and one kind used to add false eye lashes.

Even in a low concentration of about 30 ppm, formaldehyde can cause contact dermatitis to people with sensitive skin. In the adhesives for extending eye lashes and adding false eyelashes, 1,800 to 20,000 ppm of formaldehyde was found.

The extension of eye lashes? procedure is designed to make eye lashes look thick by adding false eye lashes or natural eye lashes, and the procedure is usually done in beauty parlors of cosmetics shops.

The Korea Consumer Protection Board said among 16 reported cases with regard to the adhesives for adding eye lashes during the first half of this year that there were cases in which the procedure caused inflammation in the cornea.

Kim Jeong-ho, director of the food and drug safety department of the Korea Consumer Protection Board, said, consumers of the adhesives for adding eye lashes should choose products with safety test marks.

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